Make Pilgrim Girl Paper Plate Mask

how to make pilgrim girl paper plate mask

If you are looking for a great way to accessorize your girls’ Thanksgiving costume then I suggest to make Pilgrim girl paper plate mask. It is a quick and easy Thanksgiving craft that can be used as party attire accessory.  In addition turning a paper plate into a cute mask … Continue reading

How To Make an Acorn Picture Frame

Acorn characters

How to Make a Thanksgiving Acorn Picture Frame Did you know that you can highlight a family picture for Thanksgiving using an acorn picture frame? A homemade acorn picture frame is also a fantastic Thanksgiving craft to make along with the kids! When holiday season arrives, we would like to … Continue reading

How To Make Acorn People for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Acorn People

How To Make Thanksgiving Acorn People Acorns are often used in Thanksgiving crafts. As a matter of fact acorns are produced by oak trees and are one of the main Fall symbols. So, if you have oak trees in your yard, you surely have a huge harvest of acorns even … Continue reading

Baby 1st Owl Pal Birthday Party

Owl Pal ultimate party pack

The Owl Pal birthday party supplies are ideal elements for a neutral gender 1st birthday celebration. Babies are cute but grow up so quickly… Do they turn one, they already babble, then start crawling on their hands and knees. A few moments later, they stand on their feet and walk … Continue reading

How to Throw a Luau Birthday Party for Kids

All In One Luau Decorating Kit

Luau feasts were born when King Kamehameha II made a decision put an end to Hawaiian religious taboos. Luau feast quickly became a traditional feast and nowadays, people even throw in Luau parties at home. Therefore this is the subject of this page: how to throw in a Luau birthday … Continue reading

Luau Birthday Party Recipe Ideas

Tabletop Tiki Hut 55

Now that the Luau birthday party for kids has ended, time has come to prepare the Luau birthday party for adults as you don’t want such an entertaining party to end at 5 in the afternoon. The best way to keep the party going is to dedicate this part to … Continue reading

Make Acorn Thanskgiving Wreaths

Acorn Thanskgiving Wreath

How to make acorn Thanskgiving wreaths With Thanksgiving coming up soon, you are certainly going to look for entertaining activities to make with the kids. I thus thought that you’d like to create acorn Thanskgiving wreaths. Acorns can be found in the backyard if it is big enough to have … Continue reading

How To Plan Pretty in Pink Hello Kitty Party

complete Hello Kitty party in a box

Little girls enjoy Hello Kitty parties All little girls have a passion for the sweetly iconic look of Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Party Pack is thus perfect for holding such a themed party. Planning such a party is very easy as you can find an extended range … Continue reading

Best Restaurants in Djerba

T-bone Steak Steak House Texas City

Best restaurants in Djerba So you landed in Djerba and you are hungry and thursty. You are thus wondering: where to eat in Djerba? It is not always easy as a foreigner, first time tourist in a place to find the right restaurant, cafeteria or snack bar. Eating abroad is … Continue reading