Free lightsaber at Costume Express With Every Order

costume express offer 9/4/15 only

Is there a better way to celebrate the Halloween holiday and the release of the 7th episode of the Star Wars saga: The Force Awakens than by getting a brand new costume? Hey you don’t want to attend the theatre dressed in your everyday clothes… do you? Get a free … Click to read more

Summer Fun for Teenagers

summer fun for teenagers

What kind of summer fun for teenagers can you come up with in this period of the yar? Especially when, as parents, you don’t drive them to a popular holiday spot? There are many things that one can do when homecationing from cleaning the car to work in the garden … Click to read more

August Birthstone Is The Peridot

august birthstone is the peridot

August birthstone is the peridot. Knowing this should be helpful for you if you are looking for a gift to get someone born in the month of August. Giving a peridot themed present to an August child enables you to get really creative and personalize your present. Birthstone gifts are … Click to read more

Your August Birthday Guide

your august birthday guide

Are you an August child born? Then I wish you a very happy birthday! Ah the month of August, summer’s peak, the sun is shining, the temperatures are high. The month is filled with pleasant activities, such as sipping a drink near the swimming pool, doing fun water sports or … Click to read more

Fun Bridal Shower Games

fun bridal games

One of the funnest ways to entertain your wedding shower party guests is through bridal shower games. Planning a bridal shower is a whirlwind of food, activities and guest lists that need to be planned. Why not make it easy on yourself and choose pre-made bridal shower games that you … Click to read more

Fun Summer Activities for Children

Fun summer activities for children

There is a large number of fun summer activities for children to have fun even though you’re not going on holiday on a sunny beach. From gardening to making ice cream with Mom, one finds many things to keep the children occupied and entertained while staying at home. So staycation … Click to read more

Ideas for Jurassic World Birthday Parties

jurassic world birthday parties

With the release of the movie on June 12th, Jurassic World birthday parties are going to be a hit this summer! All kids and grownups alike will want to host their very own dino party. Jurassic World is the 4th episode of the park saga of the same name and … Click to read more

Your June Birthday Guide

june birthday guide

Happy Birthday to you child of June Let’s hope you are going to have fun while celebrating this additional year of your life. And as a child of the month of June you may be interested in this June birthday guide. This June birthday guide will not just tell you … Click to read more

Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

fun summer activities for toddlers

You do not have to fly to some trendy holiday resort to come up with fun summer activities for toddlers. Also toddlers don’t mind tanning in the sun, relaxing on a couch next to the swimming pool or on the beach. Then for some of us, parents, summer fun activities … Click to read more

5 Free Father’s Day Gift Ideas

5 free father's day gift ideas

Five great gifts for Dad that won’t cost you a dime Father’s Day is coming and doesn’t need to be another financially stressful holiday. Appreciation is what most dads enjoy about Father’s Day. Traditional Father’s Day presents are great but there are more options than ties, tools or soap on … Click to read more