Best Restaurants in Djerba

T-bone Steak Steak House Texas City

Best restaurants in Djerba So you landed in Djerba and you are hungry and thursty. You are thus wondering: where to eat in Djerba? It is not always easy as a foreigner, first time tourist in a place to find the right restaurant, cafeteria or snack bar. Eating abroad is … Continue reading

Tips for Planning a Wedding

Nydelig Round Satin Wedding Bouquet

Some tips for planning your wedding Planning a wedding is very hard to do because are so many things that you cannot forget about.  Considering all of the things that go along with planning a wedding you have to be able to think on your feet and make quick decisions.  … Continue reading

Guy Fawkes Day – 5th November

Guy Fawkes Henry Perronet Briggs

Guy Fawkes is a historic person who became a member of a group of religious people, the English Catholics. This group is the one who planned the gunpowder plot that unfortunately become failed during 1605. The group is considered as terrorists by some other people all around the world. Guy … Continue reading

5 Things To Do in Djerba Island, Tunisia

Sunset on Djerba Island

Wonderful holiday resort, Djerba is an island located in the Tunisian Gabes Golf, in the Mediterranean Sea. You can access the continent through the Roman Route; which is the modern version of the oldest route on sea built by the Roman Empire. Djerba has a local airport – Djerba-Zarzis Airport, … Continue reading

8 Things To Do in Monastir, Tunisia

Port El Kantaoui harbor with pirate ships

Are you considering heading to Central Tunisian Coast these days? Then you have landed on the right page. Monastir is the capital of Monastir Governorate – there are different governorates in Tunisia – and is also a highly popular holiday resort. Located in the Tunisian Sahel, the town offers agreeable … Continue reading

Best Family Holiday Resorts in Greece

santorini skyline poster - best holiday resorts in greece

What are the best family holiday resorts in Greece? With summer here, you may want to step into one of the most beautiful European destinations… Are you eager to discover Greek history, heritage and culture? Although the country is known for its beauties and the things you can learn, it … Continue reading

Top Family Holiday Spots in Italy

sicily's aeolian islands best holiday spots in italy

So you are looking for the best family friendly holiday spots in Italy. Before going on further, you have to know that Italy is not just about pasta and pizza. The country has a strong historical and cultural background. These date back to the Roman Empire that used to dominate … Continue reading

Best Family Holiday Destinations in Spain

family holiday destinations in spain sant antoni de calonge

Summer is upon us and you may be searching for the best family holiday destinations in Spain.  Spain is a country filled with beaches made out of fine and white sand, a national beverage named sangria and a thing to do the fiesta! When is the best time to bring … Continue reading

How to Choose Bridesmaid dresses

how to choose bridesmaid dresses

Choosing bridesmaid dresses can be really challenging! Planning a wedding is hard enough when you’re trying to make sure that everything is going to be perfect.  All of the times everything comes down to the last minute alterations because the bride or groom does not like something.  The bride does … Continue reading