5 cool gifts under $50 for moms

The 5 cool gifts under $50 for Mother’s Day listed below are going to please any woman whose devotion and care is celebrated on Mother’s Day. It is hard to find the right gift for the occasion, especially when it comes to short budgets. Yet with some research you can find some really cool gifts […]

how to make st patrick hair clips

A homemade St Patrick hair clip is one of the many St Patrick Day hair accessories moms and their little princess will be proud of. And when it’s a shamrock hair clip, it’s even going to bring them luck. Many people around the world are participating in the St Paddy celebrations and want to get […]

how to make papier mache easter eggs

Making papier mache Easter eggs is one of the many fun yet easy Easter crafts for kids. For some, Easter eggs are laid by bells. For others they’re laid by bunnies. Generally speaking, Easter eggs are one of the most popular symbols of the spring and this Christian holiday. They symbolize rebirth and fertility. During […]

A Lovely Handmade St Patrick Day Card

Sending a handmade St Patrick Day card to your loved ones brings them warmth and love. They’ll be touched and grateful for the effort you put into making such a charming greeting support. Holiday greeting cards available in stores are cute, funny, original, but none of them comes with that unique feeling a handmade St […]

how to make a bunny goodie bag

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a bunny goodie bag to hold your child’s Easter candy gifts. During the Easter season, events are being held everywhere to celebrate the glorious holiday. Kids, at the same time, accumulate candies, chocolate, small toys, eggs, etc. They now need a small pouch to […]

how to make a bunny door decor

This adorable bunny door decor is going to add a touch of freshness and cuteness to your home this Easter. The Easter bunny or the Easter hare is a symbolic figure of the season.  Both of them are depicted carrying a basket full of eggs, candies or toys.  They’re the Easter gift bearers in the […]